Case Studies

Wellington Chiller Replacement

For: Advanced Building Services (ABS)

At: HSBC Tower , 195 Lambton Quay, Wellington Central

Utilising the Liebherr LTM1350-6.1 Crane with 50t of counterweight (65.6M main boom with Y-guy and 48m luffing fly jib attachment) at a working radius of 32m.

The crane was to replace two old chiller units, 90m high on top of the HSBC building in 195 Lambton Quay with two new chiller units of the same size.

Due to the design of the building, the measurements of the height of the building, and the offset of the position of the units it was difficult to obtain accurate measurements. A Faro 150 3D scanner was utilised in planning the job to generate an accurate point cloud scan and drawings of the street and the building. The 3D scan allowed Titan Cranes to accurately plan the job with pinpoint precision, resulting in an efficient and shorter than anticipated road closure, and allowing for businesses to carry on operating along the hub of Wellington. The road closure planning took numerous meetings with council and other stakeholders including hotel and bus operators that make use of the main route in the city.

The road was closed for 2 days. In order to build the crane some street furniture needed to be removed and precise placement of the crane was needed in order to ensure the Y guy did not clash with the building, and also any underground services were not compromised. A 40t Franna AT40 and a Liebherr LTC1050 was used for the erection of the 48m luffer which was built down Lambton Quay.

A crew comprising of 4 riggers and 3 operators was used to build the crane. During the lift the operators’ line of sight was obscured by the building and he was directed by the rigger via radio communications and successfully completed the lifts making use of a spreader bar for the rigging set at 2.4m.

The lifts were carried out at night eliminating the risk of having a suspended load over people.


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