Job Sudy - Placing Bridge Beams Caversham Highway Dunedin

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Working at night in near-perfect weather conditions Titan Cranes completed work on stage one of the Caversham Highway improvements, on the outskirts of Dunedin City within deadline.

Our customer was international engineering and construction company, Downer and the task was to put in place 19 large concrete beams on a new two-lane overbridge (the Glen Bridge) as part of the improvements to State Highway One, said Titan Cranes Dunedin Branch Manager Swannee Taiawa.

The work was done at night to reduce disturbance to traffic. The existing road lanes and area where we were working were closed to the public.

The Super T concrete beams included seven that were 30 metres long weighing 42 tonnes and 12 of18 metres and 30 tonnes. The beams were made in Dunedin and we worked in partnership with another company to load them onto a special trailer from Christchurch to transport them to the site. Our Kato NK550VR crane with 55 tonne capacity was used for this part of the job.

On site two Titan cranes the AC435 Demag 150 tonne and AC100 Demag 100 tonne were used in tandem lifts to put the Super T beams into place.

Titan crane operators were assisted by rigger dogmen who hooked up the beams that were lifted 8 meters off the ground. The dogmen supervised the positioning of the beams, using radio-telephones to communicate with the operators during this process.

The cranes were set up on a street and our staff took every precaution to ensure the ground pressure was low enough to stop underground water pipes from cracking or bursting.

Swannee said the weather didn’t let us down and we completed the job well within the four allocated nights - starting on 30 January 2012 and finishing on the morning of 2 February.