Job Study - Replacing methanol loading Arm, Port Taranaki

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Working on a wharf only six metres wide was all part of the job when Titan Cranes recently replaced a loading arm at the Newton King Tanker Terminal, in New Plymouth for petrochemical company Methanex New Zealand.

The job was 12 months in the planning and took two days to complete said Paul Clout, Titan’s New Plymouth Branch Manager.

The loading arm is used for loading Methanol onto the tankers.

Two cranes were used on the job: the Terex Demag AC615 200 tonnes and Demag AC435 150 tonnes.

We removed the old loading arm in January and installed the new one earlier this month (February).

Made of steel, the new loading arm weighs 27 tonnes and is19 metres long. It was transported onto the wharf on a trailer.

The AC435 stood the loading arm up, turned it round and placed it in position on the plinth in centre of the wharf, supported by the AC615 crane that tailed the lift.

Titan supervisor Peter Patten and crane operators Dennis Ngarotata in the AC435 crane and Nigel Wilding in the AC615 crane, worked on the job.

Paul said with the wharf only six meters wide there was not a lot of room to move and we took great care in positioning the cranes, taking into account the surrounding pipelines and live lines.