Job Study - Titan crew "up there with the best"

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Excellence in planning and on the job communications has earned a Titan’s Dunedin crane crew top marks for their work at Dunedin Public Hospital.

In March, Southern District Health Board’s main contractor Powergen commissioned Titan Cranes to install four new generators, a 50,000 litre fuel tank and flues and exhausts as part of a major revamp of the hospital’s emergency power supply.

On 30 April Titan was hired by sub contractor Pinnacle Steel Ltd to lift seven steel beams into place in the roof structure of the hospital’s new café.

Southern DHB was very keen to ensure that the lifting operations for both jobs were planned and effectively controlled to minimise the risk to the hospital and the people in it.

Titan team: crane operators Todd Maxwell, Lyle Cottenden (also the dogman), operation supervisor Ricky Manson, and Swannee Taiawa lived up to the DHB’s expectations.

In particular, the crew’s attention to detail during pre-planning and subsequent documented lifting plan went a long way to ensuring a smooth and safe operation on both projects.

Using the AC 100 Demag crane and the same crew on both jobs was an added bonus. The crane proved its versatility and flexibility, adapting to the demands of each job.

The generator job was technically complex and crane operator Todd coped very well.

The 50,000 litre fuel tank weighed 22,600kg. The most difficult parts of the job were lifting the tank into place with approximately 100mm clearance on either side and lifting the flues up 10 storeys to be placed on the top of the building.

Titan’s Dunedin Branch Manager Swannee Taiawa said, “We worked with United Scaffolding on extensive acrow propping under the span of the hospital driveway for the Demag AC100 to drive into position and setup. We were pleased to have on board the engineering firm Hanlon & Partners Ltd to calculate how much point loading the spanway could take and apply a safety factor. “

Lifting the seven steel beams into place for the café involved closing off one of the lanes of State Highway to position the crane along side the building.

Once again the job had been expertly planned and communications was very good. The guys took everything in their stride, including coping with traffic management restrictions and some very wet weather.