Job Study - Methonal Loading Arm Replacement, Port Taranaki

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Reinstalling the marine loading arm for Shell Todd Oil Services in New Plymouth is a routine job for Titan Cranes New Plymouth that requires precision planning and positioning.

The 30.2 tonne loading arm is used to load condensate methanol onto ships at the Newton King Tanker Terminal for transport overseas.

Titan removed the loading arm in March using a Terex AC 305/6 – a 350 tonne mobile crane and a Liebherr LTM 1250 6.1 – 250 mobile crane. It was reinstalled in June using the Terex AC 350/6 and a Terex AC 350.

Working on a wharf six meters wide with there’s limited room to move, Titan’s crew took great care in positioning the cranes, taking into account the surrounding pipelines and live lines.

The main crane was set up with 54 tonne of counterweight and full legs on the lift side and three-quarter legs on the sea side. The tailing crane had 42 tonne of counterweight and half outriggers on both sides.


Taranaki Methanol Loading Arm